Ally McSchpeeeel

Alright, I like it. I like Ally McBeal. It’s not the best show ever, I’ll be the first to admit that, but it is entertaining as all get out. I equate it to the “Law” edition of Grey’s Anatomy. Completely unrealistic, pretty odd characters, and no one is monogamous.

I think my favorite part is how strange all of the characters are, how they all have their particular quirks, favorite sayings and neuroses. It’s almost like watching Jerry Springer, you can’t help but feel normal. On that note, let’s take a moment. I will not be disparaged. Snapish. Bygones.

Food for Thought

Here are a few random thoughts drifting through my mind lately:

  • Why is it that all thrift stores smell the same? And all old people’s houses…what is that?
  • Why does anyone feel the need to be condescending?
  • Real butter is so worth the cholesterol.
  • Individual, disposable serving cups of cereal are perfect. I rarely finish a whole box.
  • Taking vitamins at night, rather than in the morning, may be the ticket to avoiding nausea.
  • Riding in cabs is the least fun I have on vacation.