Well, I’ve had 2 run-ins on the don’t list already:

1. I accidentally touched cat poo in the garden. (Cat poo can harbor a very dangerous organism for pregnant people that causes toxplasmosis.) I just brushed it lightly while touching one of the plants, but I freaked out and came inside to scrub my hands for 10 minutes. My frantic research lead me to the conclusion that if I didn’t ingest it I was probably alright.

2. I ate undercooked pork. We went out to eat with my parents and I was eating BBQ pork ribs. They were very good, but when I got to the thicker part of the meat there were definately pink juices. I stopped eating immediately, but I still was/am worried that I ate something bad. I didn’t get sick or anything, so my hope is that means I avoided most food-borne organisms, but there isn’t a way to know for sure. My research here basically said talk to your doctor if you are worried.

So my plan is to tell my doctor about these incidents when I go in for my first appointment, but until then I am trying not to worry. Stress is a major no-no, so I am keeping calm and trying my best to be more careful.

**Update: Doctor says if I didn’t get sick I am probably alright.

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