Yoga Rebirth

I’ve never been much for exercise. I always hated PE and sports and the gym and and and… until I tried yoga. I think it is fair to say, I love yoga. Granted I am no pro, I don’t take classes, I can’t put my foot behind my head. I just do simple home practice, sometimes with videos, sometimes on my own, but I love it.

Many moons ago, my roommate Timberly brought home a yoga VHS (many moons) from Yoga Journal. I tried it and once I got past the unfamiliar language, I really started to love it. It was such a different idea and it really made me tune in to my body. There is no pushing in yoga, no sweating (yay), no “feeling the burn”, just taking ancient poses to help your body heal, rejuvenate, detox, stretch and align. It’s not a calorie-burner, it’s more like physical therapy, but it helps the mind too.

Since becoming pregnant, I had fallen off the wagon, so to speak. Partially because yoga during pregnancy is trickier and there are certain poses you aren’t supposed to do, you can’t lay on your back, yadda yadda. I tried several pregnancy yoga workouts, but my changing body and theĀ unfamiliarĀ routines didn’t jive and I basically put it on hold.

Then I had a baby via c-section and was told, of course, that I was not to exercise except for walking for 2 months. Then I had a two month old, and no time, no sleep, no life force with which to care about yoga. Cut to January 2013, I have a 21 month old and my body was pretty pissed that I had neglected it for so long. So I hopped on Amazon and found all of my favorite Yoga Journal videos on DVD, ordered them up and I was back in business. I am doing yoga about 5 times a week and starting to get my sea-legs (or warrior-legs) back.

I love it. Again. Namaste.


I like to watch documentaries, probably part of my ‘input’ trait. I like anything about cooking, food, show business, biographies, etc. So today I watched Vegucated, recently added to Netflix. While I am not vegetarian or even close to vegan, I find these films interesting. I loved Food, Inc. and Hungry for Change.

Vegucated was a bit too focused on animal rights (don’t get me wrong, I think animals should be treated well by humans, but I am just as appalled by nature documentaries) and gave veganism a sort of cultish wrap, so I won’t say that I recommend it.

However, there was one tidbit of info that I found very interesting… A doctor that she interviewed said that the standard American diet was roughly 40% meat, 50% processed foods, and 10% whole plant foods, with half of that consisting of white potatoes. With those stats, it’s no wonder that we are not getting enough nutrients on the whole. Food for thought!