Shower Gifts

Shopping for a bridal shower or baby shower gift has changed somewhat over the past few years. I, for one, like the advent of the registry in that it supposedly eliminates totally useless gifts and duplicates. However, it does tend to take some of the fun out of gift shopping. I love knowing that someone actually wants what I am buying (cause life is too short for useless crap), but sometimes the registry includes things that no one would ever buy you for a gift, like vacuum cleaner bags and baby-safe locks for the drawers.

I struggled a bit on Saturday when buying a gift for our pregnant friend. I even thought, “Should I just get a gift card?” Gift cards are another dilemma. They rank incredibly high on the usability scale, but fairly low on the sentimentality scale, and they are pretty anti-climactic to open at a shower. I did end up getting a gift on the registry and she didn’t get another one at the shower, so I was happy.

I settled on the “Boppy” which is a must-have these days. When an older woman at the shower asked what it was, one of the ladies explained, “It’s something you put on your lap to help hold the baby when you feed it.” To which the older woman replied, “In my day, we called that a pillow.”