A fiendish thingy

The title has nothing to do with my post, well maybe it does. Anyway, I’m tired. My mind is so full it is making me tired. I have brain fatigue. Things are popping out of my brain at the strangest times and I just have to say something out loud so that someone will have a clue what is going through my brain. But then again, I’ve found myself asking, “Did ever say this to you or was that just in my head?”

Brain fatigue is an odd thing. My mind won’t shut up because it is trying to keep track of everything. So I have dumb, pointless thoughts right along side really important things that need to be kept track of. So inside my head is like:

“We’re off to see the wizard–buy toothpaste–where did that W9 form go?–64 new emails–copy/paste–It’s getting better all the tiiiiiime–yawn–Better add that to my to-do list–meeting–buy flour”