Well, this doesn’t happen to me much. I was on the upswing from my last illness and came down with a brand new one. Being sick definately sucks, but being sick twice in 2 weeks suck more. *Cough*

Frozen, Part 2

Our last day in Chicago was a blustery 14 degrees. We woke up at 9:00am and checked the weather…feels like 0 degrees. So we went back to sleep for an hour.

When we finally did step outside, the wind caught my breath. Merc uttered his now famous line, “It’s not that bad.” But before we had gone 1 block, we were searching for a warm place to duck into for a break from the arctic climate. While waiting for a light to change, we heard a little girl crying behind us. “Mommy, I’m cooooold!” Now that was truly sad. Poor kid. Not surprisingly, they ducked into the restaurant behind us and we chatted for a bit.

Merc and I hit the streets, ducking into buildings for warmth about every 2 blocks and finally made it to Michigan Ave. We headed to Ethel’s for my favorite hot chocolate in the whole world. After that we hopped a cab to the Threadless store (our yearly homage) and then headed next door to Pastoral, a cute little wine and cheese shop. We grabbed provisions for the night and headed back to the hotel.

Cold, yes cold for sure, but it was still fun. Love that place.

Frozen, Part 1

The last few days of our Chicago trip were the coldest I have ever experienced. I know that a lot of people live in freezing places and think nothing of it, but I am from California…and now that I am from Southern California, I am an even bigger weenie when it comes to the cold.

On Thursday night hubby and I ventured out to dinner, it was 1.2 miles to the restaurant and we walked. It was 20 degrees, but I was a good sport and hoofed it with my hubby who likes to walk. By the time we reached the restaurant, I was practically a popsicle. I pulled my gloves off and my hands swelled up and turned bright red. After we ordered our food and some hot tea, I looked at Merc and said, “We’re taking a cab back, right?” He answered, “Oh, hell yes.”


Well, I am a California gal for sure. We spent the day walking around the frigid city of Chicago, 24 degrees about the average temp. I must say these people that live here must be hardened by years of the freezing winds lashing at their faces. I had to laugh at all of the babies bundled up, blinking and wrinkling their brows at the unbelievable temps. I am not sure how people live here, I am sure you get used to it or learn how to protect yourself from the cold, but I am not there yet.

I have learned a few things:
1. Hats are our friends.
2. If a hat doesn’t cover your ears, it is useless.
3. If your scarf is not wrapped around your neck or face, it is useless.
4. Anyone wearing a scarf on the outside of their collar has never experienced the cold.
5. Gloves, like hats, are our friends.