I got my hair chopped off this week. I was brave and did not tell the stylist my usual tidbits, “I have to be able to put it in a ponytail”, “I don’t do bangs”, etc. I told her that I wanted it shorter and that I wanted to be able to do it curly and straight. The results are great. I just love it! I haven’t put it up all week (and that in itself is a miracle).

There is something to be said for giving a professional a free hand to do what they think is best, that is, if you trust them to know their craft and take care of you. But I have noticed that the more restrictions you put on creative pros, the less motivation they have to be creative.

Speaking as a creative, I would say some direction is good, but don’t veto the ideas they haven’t had yet. You may miss out on all their expertise has to offer.