As most of you know my Gram passed away a couple of weeks ago. She was an amazing little lady. A lot of people had great things to say about her as we honored her life. She was a fantastic role model for me. Here are some of the things I learned from her:

– Always keep a clean house, you never know who might show up.
– Don’t wait until later, if you can get out of the way now.
– Be happy with what you have.
– People will always appreciate a good meal.
– Help people out whenever you can, God will bless you for it.
– Don’t worry, be happy (yes, she loved the song 🙂
– Don’t keep a lot of junk around, eliminate.
– Say what’s on your mind. Might as well.
– Share.

Of course, there are countless others, most involve translation from Italian, but you get the idea.

She was a little lady, measuring about 4’7″. She lost her husband at 52 years of age, but she was still one of the most cheerful people I knew. She lead a life of service, always taking care of others. She is probably the only person I am SURE got into Heaven. She loved to tell stories. She cooked incredible food. She always had a hug for you. She will be greatly missed.

I think my Mom said it best, “For such a tiny lady, we’ve got some big shoes to fill.”

Here is a link to her memorial site: Lydia


I am house sitting for my parents this week which also includes helping my grandma while they are gone. Considering how much the woman took care of me, I certainly can spare a few days to hang out with her.

It is interesting being here without my folks around. Since they bought this house after I moved out, it’s not really like my home even though I am very comfortable here. It is so familiar, yet I can’t find stuff. Grr.

Gram is so cute! She is pretty impressed that I can run the washer AND the air conditioning. “Well, bless your heart!” I guess that means that she must think my mom is a genius, because she knows how to use everything in this house.

Aside from the dog getting sick, things are going pretty well, but hey…sometimes dogs barf.

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Ice Cream

Dear Gram C,

I remember that whenever we would go out for ice cream you always got Peanut Butter and Chocolate. I would ask why you didn’t get something different or try something new and you simply said, “Because I like this” and hold your cone up.

And I also remember that you always used to tell me when we had a disagreement that someday I would see, and say, “Wow, Grandma sure knew what she was talking about.”

Well, now I can say that you were right and sure knew what you were talking about. Everytime I step up to the counter and order a scoop of PB&C, I think of you. And when anyone asks why I chose something so simple, I lift my cup and say, “Because I like this.”

Love you,