Rintone Party

I downloaded custom ringtones for my parents this weekend. Mom went for “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” and Dad, the theme from Mission Impossible. We also helped them find new photos for their phone wallpaper…Dad finally settled on the Ben-Hur movie poster and Mom, a pic of Lucy from the Peanuts.

I love those wacky kids.

Yes…I have one too.

So the hubby and I got matching iPhones at the end of last year. He always has his out, checking his email, twittering, etc. I don’t take mine out as much and inevitably EVERY time I do, whoever we are with says, “You have one too??”

I am beginning to get frustrated by this. It feels sexist or like I am technology deficient or just not as cool. But whatever. I have one too. I love it.