Monthly Massage

We’ve started having a massage therapist come to our office once a month to help us all work out the kinks. Sitting for hours upon hours, working on a computer is not what the human body was meant to do.

This has been so nice and pretty much everyone in our office suite loves it. I am interested to see what a regular massage is going to do for me physically. Even between our last 2 sessions, I’ve felt a difference. It’s a nice little treat that is has health benefits. Win, win!


Hubby and I stopped off to get a mid-day massage during our lunch break. It was much needed and very enjoyable. A good massage sends me into that lovely “not-quite-here” state of consciousness. Once I got a chair massage in the middle of The Irvine Spectrum (at one of those booths) on a bustling Friday night, after a few seconds of massage magic everything went quiet and peaceful. Afterward, I was a little surprised when I saw how many people were around.

Now I have to go drink more water.