I like to watch documentaries, probably part of my ‘input’ trait. I like anything about cooking, food, show business, biographies, etc. So today I watched Vegucated, recently added to Netflix. While I am not vegetarian or even close to vegan, I find these films interesting. I loved Food, Inc. and Hungry for Change.

Vegucated was a bit too focused on animal rights (don’t get me wrong, I think animals should be treated well by humans, but I am just as appalled by nature documentaries) and gave veganism a sort of cultish wrap, so I won’t say that I recommend it.

However, there was one tidbit of info that I found very interesting… A doctor that she interviewed said that the standard American diet was roughly 40% meat, 50% processed foods, and 10% whole plant foods, with half of that consisting of white potatoes. With those stats, it’s no wonder that we are not getting enough nutrients on the whole. Food for thought!

Definately, Maybe

I caught this flick in the hotel room today and I have to say, I thought it was adorable. A really cute flashback sort of love story where you are not really sure who gets together in the end. Although, maybe I missed something early on, but it seemed like the daughter didn’t know her mother for the whole movie, but in the end she did…hrm.

The father/daughter dynamic in the film is a lot of fun to watch. Cute and funny all around.

Gone with the Wind

My favorite movie. I am a movie fan, I have a degree in TV/Film, I’ve beat Scene It on the Xbox, including getting 60 questions right in a row and I can name every Best Picture Winner since 1970. So I know a little about movies. Not everything, but enough. And I love Gone with the Wind.

The epic story is well-written, the dialogue is clever and poignant, the cinematography is GORGEOUS and the editing is artfully done.

Now Scarlett O’Hara is definately not the most likeable character, I’ll give you that and the movie is a bit long…but it’s an epic. I won’t say that this movie is for everyone, but it is a masterpiece. The other thing that should be mentioned is that the movie was made in 1939 and was one of the first full color films ever made. The technological and artistic feats were unprecedented.

If you haven’t seen it, I recommend it. Take a look at the composition of each shot, the rich color, and get transported in time. They don’t make ’em like this anymore.

For Pete’s Sake

I watched a wacky little movie with my dad a few years ago, called “For Pete’s Sake”. It’s a Barbra Streisand comedy from the 70s. I found it on Netflix (watch instantly!) so I watched it again. Overall, it is a pretty ridiculous movie, but parts are pretty funny. I love finding random stuff like that though.

Watch Instantly – Update

I haven’t watched a movie yet on the xBox with Netflix, but we did get it set up. It looks to be promising once we hardwire the internet. Once I figured out that I needed the movies to already be queued in my Netflix, I logged on and added about 80 movies.

I think this is the future of home entertainment. I’d much rather pay $14/month for Netflix and get to choose what I watch, than pay $25+/month for cable and get a ton of channels I don’t want.

Netflix – Watch Instantly

I am addicted to Netflix’s “Watch Instantly” feature. Basically, if you have an “unlimited” account (these are not the most expensive accounts either), you can access a portion of the Netflix collection online and watch them on your computer.

The newest releases are not usually available and the selection is somewhat limited, but they are adding to it daily. This is perfect for someone like me who loves to watch older movies.

I can’t wait until this feature is integrated into the Xbox system and you can watch these movies right on your tv.

The fact that these movies are just a click away has made me rethink my movie collection. How many movies do I need to own if thousands are available to me for unlimited viewing through Netflix? Already there have been several movies I was thinking of adding to my Christmas list only to find them on Netflix – Watch Instantly. A penny saved.

Bravo, Netflix.

The Little Princess

There’s an old Shirley Temple movie I love, called The Little Princess.

Set in England, a well-to-do little girl is sent to stiff boarding school while her father goes to war. Her widowed father, the Captain, asks that all arrangements be made for her comfort, since they are very close and have never before been apart. After a few weeks, news comes from the war that her father has been killed and that all of his assets have been siezed by the enemy. The school’s mistress allows her to stay on as a servant to earn her keep. All along she keeps her faith that her father isn’t dead and pretends that her grim circumstances are not so bad.

It really is a great story, might want to add it to the NetFlix queue. (That is if you are man enough to watch a Shirley Temple film.)

Waitress, Catch and Release

I have been looking forward to seeing the movie Waitress for quite a while now. It was a bit different than I was expecting but I really did enjoy it. Independents have a different kind of narrative. They seem to experiment with the storytelling a bit more. I like seeing the different perspective.

We also recently saw Catch and Release. I had a bit of trouble getting oriented during the first 1/3 of the film. But about half way through I was starting to relate to it. I had the distinct impression that this film was written and directed by a woman (which was correct).

Both were good little films, probably in the chick-flick category, but I recommend them anyhow. They do represent real females and real perspectives. I very much enjoy authentic characters.

Christmas Movies

In honor of our Christmas tree, which we just put up this evening to kick off the holiday season, I thought I should post my Christmas movie list. I love Christmas movies, the funny thing was when I was growing up we all had different ideas of what Christmas movies were. For example, my dad would say: A Christmas Carol (the old, b & w version) and It’s a Wonderful Life. My mom would say: Die Hard and Lethal Weapon. I would say: Gremlins and Home Alone. We would, of course, watch them all and later were able to throw in a few others that we all agreed on like: Sleepless in Seattle and While You Were Sleeping.

Any one else have Christmas movies?