New Years 2009

On to another year…they just keep coming, don’t they? I guess that’s better than if they stopped.

2008 was an interesting year:

– Started Twittering
– Tackled the most projects ever in one year
– Ate escargot (not bad at all)
– Joined Facebook
– Went to Chicago, Napa and Austin
– Programmed my first ENTIRE website with web standards
– Installed my first vinyl signs
– Experience the coldest weather of my life (14 degrees)
– Discovered Gelato, namely Frati Gelato
– Witnessed 9 double-yolked eggs in one carton
– Lost a dear family member
– Made my first trip to the OC Fair
– Got a skin biposy, benign
– Witnessed the greated economic downturn since the great depression
– Participated in my first election since moving to SoCal
– Laughed
– Cried
– And all the rest, thank God.

Happy New Year, everyone…the beat goes on.

New Years 2008

Like many have already said, I am ready to see 2007 go. I like the way the New Year is a time to start fresh. It hasn’t been a great year for my family and my friends from cancer to death to surgeries to hospital stays and many other unexpected hardships, it seems like this year had more than a year’s worth of heartache for us. It is time to mark the close of this year and face whatever comes next. So raise a glass of bubbly and thank God we made it though another year. Cheers!

Another year!

Well, 2006 flew past…although it does seem like the second half was longer than the first.

We had a lovely holiday visiting with family and friends back home. We also took a much needed break. There was lots of good food, games, a wedding, some shopping and 6 bottles of wine/champagne…like I said good times.

Wishing everyone the best in 2007!