In Limbo

We’re moving. Moving sucks.

To begin with, we have too much stuff. I’ve lived in the same place for 9 years and when my husband and I got married each of us was the roommate with all the “stuff”. We’ve been weeding it out over the years, but not enough apparently.

In the process of packing, we’ve lugged more than 50 trash cans full of junk to the dumpster. Now there is a pile of boxes in the spare room, the few bits of furniture we are taking to the new place and a large pile of “let’s get rid of this”.

What do you do with stuff that is perfectly good, but you no longer have use for it? Sell it? Give it away? Throw it away? Grr.


We’ll be moving from an apartment to a rental house in a few short weeks. I’m excited but also overwhelmed by all of the packing. You really do accumulate a lot of stuff over a 9 year period.

Anyone have moving/packing/purging advice? I am all ears. Oh, and also, anyone want a bunch of stuff? We are getting rid of tons, I mean tons!