Turns out those sniffles and sneezes were the beginnings of a cold I now have. Being sick while pregnant is a not the best experience since I can’t take extra vitamins like I typically would, nor can I take good meds.

Instead I am trying to get as much rest as possible, drinking lots of fluid and living off the chicken soup I made a few weeks back and froze (good thinking, Me). Chamomile tea and lotion tissues are my copilot.

Week 18

So now the baby is the size of a sweet potato, which seems large…I know I know, it’s only going to get bigger. I read my little update emails from each week and learn about what’s going on in there. I have to say it’s truly amazing what the human body can do.

This is s very interesting ride, much like the next 20 years will be, I’m sure.

Cravings Pt.1

We are still pretty early in the pregnancy, so I just assume that there will be more posts about cravings. At 17 weeks, I can’t day that I’ve had very significant or bizarre cravings. I do get in the mood for things but generally get out of the mood after I’ve had a bite or two. The one exception to date is bruschetta, which I honestly think I could eat daily. I’ve probably made it 7 or 8 times in the last 2 months. Mmm, love that stuff.

First Dr.’s Appt.

I had my first Dr.’s appt, which was pretty uneventful. I was examined by the doctor and filled out a million forms. Then they sent me to have blood drawn, something that is typically no biggie for me. Well, “pregnant me” definately has issues with blood draw. Christopher stepped out to go to the bathroom, and shortly after she started drawing blood I began to feel faint. She called for back-up, and the nurses ran in and started fanning me. Christopher returned, surprised to see me in such a state, and started feeding me cookies from my purse. She was able to finish and I layed down for about 10 minutes.

Feeling better, we headed upstairs for my first ultrasound. The technician showed us the baby and the heartbeat, which was incredible to see. Then she took measurements and told us the due date. She said she was done, and I headed to thebathroom while she printed up a few pictures for us.

After we left, I told Christopher, no one really said anything that made feel like things were going ok. So we went back in, I talked to the receptionist and told her my concerns. She said that if the ultrasound tech had given me a due date then everything was probably fine and they would let me know if my blood tests were abnormal. Why couldn’t they say that before I left? I know this stuff is routine for them, but this is my first time.


Well, I’ve had 2 run-ins on the don’t list already:

1. I accidentally touched cat poo in the garden. (Cat poo can harbor a very dangerous organism for pregnant people that causes toxplasmosis.) I just brushed it lightly while touching one of the plants, but I freaked out and came inside to scrub my hands for 10 minutes. My frantic research lead me to the conclusion that if I didn’t ingest it I was probably alright.

2. I ate undercooked pork. We went out to eat with my parents and I was eating BBQ pork ribs. They were very good, but when I got to the thicker part of the meat there were definately pink juices. I stopped eating immediately, but I still was/am worried that I ate something bad. I didn’t get sick or anything, so my hope is that means I avoided most food-borne organisms, but there isn’t a way to know for sure. My research here basically said talk to your doctor if you are worried.

So my plan is to tell my doctor about these incidents when I go in for my first appointment, but until then I am trying not to worry. Stress is a major no-no, so I am keeping calm and trying my best to be more careful.

**Update: Doctor says if I didn’t get sick I am probably alright.

Pregnancy – The Don’ts

Boy is there a lot to keep up with in this department! There are a few obvious ones (no booze, no smoking), but no cold cuts?

No hot dogs unless they are steaming hot.
No blue cheese, unless it is cooked or pasturized.
No runny egg yolks.
No rare meat.
No smelly cleaners.
No caffiene…or very little.
No ibuprophen.
No Aspirin.
No overdoing vitamins, esp. A, C and B6.
No soft unpasturized cheeses.
No artificial sweeteners.
No beta hydroxy facial products.
No large fish (shark, mackarel…mercury).
No herbal supplements.
No Xrays.
No fake nails.

I am sure there are more…

Two Pink Lines

Well, it’s happened folks…Christopher and I are having a baby! We are thrilled!

I had been wondering if this month was THE month and it turns out it was. Even though this has been the plan for a while now, I still felt surprised and a little disbelief when those 2 pink lines showed up.

Symptoms? I mostly felt tired…all.the.time. Now the nausea is starting to kick in and I find I need to eat smaller portions much more often to stay ahead of it.

So! Baby! Excited and scared all at once 🙂

“Morning” Sickness

All-the-time sickness is more like it, as any pregnant woman will tell you, except maybe those that don’t have it, but it is just easier for me to believe that everyone suffers like me. My morning sickness experience consists of mostly constant nausea, punctuated by bouts of indigestion. Oh and my gag reflex is more sensitve, fun fun!

The only things that seem to help are fizzy drinks and eating all the time. Sour candy helps some, as does cool air and laying down, but these are not always available. I’ve taken to carrying a purse again (a lovely purse that my husband bought me 🙂 just so that I can have snacks with me all of the time. So far this strategy has worked. Although I feel silly pulling fruit leather or a bag of nuts out of my purse, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.