Goodbye Scarlett

Yesterday we said goodbye to my sweet little dog. She had the best little personality and was loved by most everyone.

We had some great times with that pup and she has been around since just before Christopher and I got engaged. We felt like our own little family from day one. She survived cancer and a spinal defect that slowly immobilized her over the years, she was a spunky little fighter. It was fairly often that a total stranger would exclaim, “That’s the cutest dog I’ve ever seen!” In fact, it happened at the drive thru just about a month ago.

She used to burrow into the laundry basket full of warm clothes from the dryer. She would get the hiccups if you yelled at her. She loved babies and would whimper and shake with excitement when they were around. She loved the beach.

My little girl has gone on. I will miss her deeply.

Cute in her own way.

As I sit on the couch, typing away on my blog. Scarlett sits just to the right of me on the floor. She faces me, staring intently at my face. Every few seconds she wobbles from side to side, letting me know that she is ready to be picked up. Totally ready. Yup, I’m still here. Want to pick me up now? How about now? Do you see me? (Wobble, wobble)

Scaredy Dog

During the preparation of the awesome meal mentioned in the previous post we had a fun little interlude with our dog. Scarlett is a funny little critter who has a personality all her own. She is fearless when it comes to most things including people and big dogs, but there are 2 things she fears: heights and smoke.

When the tri-tip in the pan began to smoke, we immediatedly turned on the stove fan and opened the window, but the smoke was insanely thick and billowed throughout the apartment quickly. Scarlett began nervously pacing the floor. When it got pretty bad, we decided to open the front door. I found Scarlett sitting at the door waiting anxiously for me to open it. I could just hear her thoughts, “Come on guys, we should be leaving!”

Once I opened the door she sprinted to the edge of the stairs where she was confronted by her second fear. Would she chance a tumble down the flight of stairs? Maybe not. She returned to the front door, now sitting outside looking in, waiting for us to follow her precautionary lead.

I tried to assure her that everything was okay, but she didn’t move. After a while I picked her up and put her on the couch. She climbed up on the arm of the couch and leaned over the edge so that she could see us in the kitchen. She monitored our saftey for the next 30 minutes as we finished preparing dinner. She finally relaxed when we sat down to eat. Our very own little Smokey the Bear.

Delivering Pizza

As we were packing up to leave my parents house on New Year’s day, I got a phone call from my dear friend Timberly and she asked if we might be willing to do them a favor. Turns out she wanted us to pick up a puppy named “Pizza” from her parents house (in the area) and bring it back home with us where she would come to retreive it.

“How big is the puppy?” I asked cautiously, as we were already very cramped on space.
“Little”, she assured me, “…way smaller than Scarlett.”

So we agreed to take on another 4 legged passenger and headed over to pick it up. Well, I soon made the realization that no one really remembers how small Scarlett is. The pup was adorable, of course, but rivaled my mini doxie in weight and length. This was going to be interesting.

So I wrapped the pup in a towel and off we went. Not 3 minutes down the road, the cute little fur ball was whining, wimpering, and pawing at the window; all of which made Scarlett feel sympathetic and want to join in. My phone kept ringing and the dog would not be quiet or hold still, so we pulled over to regroup.

Merc said, “Let’s just put the 2 dogs together in the back seat and see if them get along.” I was definately worried about this, because my dog is a people person, she doesn’t much care for other 4-legged critters. So I warily agreed to try.

I put the pup in the back seat and the ritual of sniffing and inspecting began. We had to instruct Scarlett to be nice a few times, but she seemed to be okay. So we decided to leave them to it and travel on. After a few minutes the pup had muscled Scarlett out of her bed and was sound asleep. Scarlett kept poking a her, like “What’s with the new kid? That’s my bed!” Finally they both drifted off to sleep.

It was smooth sailing until the pup woke up and decided it wanted to play, so for about 20 minutes I was turned around between the seats making sure they didn’t “misunderstand” each other. Scarlett seemed a bit miffed by the playing. Then the puppy tried to lick her and she pulled away in disgust…wonder where she learned that.

The next 20 minutes was a fight to keep the puppy in the back seat. She climbed up on a tv that was behind my seat and kept sticking her head over, under, between our arms and trying to push through. Finally, she got bored and fell asleep…and I do mean fell. She was face down in a paper bag and her butt stuck up in the air still on top of the tv. She slept like this for hours. It didn’t look comfortable, but hey, I wasn’t going to wake a sleeping puppy.

She gradually climbed back up onto the seat and eventually laid across Scarlett’s back for the last leg of the trip. We pulled into Kyle’s parents’ driveway and I got out, opened the back door and picked up the pup…and before I even closed the car door Scarlett had started whining. My dog is crazy! She couldn’t stand the puppy 2 hours ago and now she was whining! And she whined the whole way home.

Heating Pad Bliss

So I bought a heating pad for my aching back. I soon realized that I would be losing rights to it. Scarlett loves it. I put it on the floor and she immediately curled up on it pressing the side of her face into the warmth and fell asleep. Crazy little fur ball.


So Scarlett has been having respiratory irritations of sorts (in addition to the hind leg weakness fiasco). She has been having what I am told are “reverse sneezes”, odd since they are not really a sneeze and sound nothing like them. It sounds like she is snorting and and struggling to catch her breath. It was a little scary, but after some reading and talking to the vet, these episodes are normal and harmless, likely brought on by the combination of the bad air and a Bordatella nose drop vaccine that she recently got.

I thought maybe a humidifier would help her breathe better since it has been so dry. We trekked over to Target and bought one. A “Cool Mist Silent Humidifier” fancy, huh? After using it for two nights, I am skeptical that it is doing much for any of us besides making our room look like an 80’s music video. Still I think we will try it for the rest of the week. Who knows…the dog seems better now, so that’s good.

Pathology Report

Well, I just heard from the Dr. and he says that the pathology report on the biopsy says that they did get all of the tumor, and it appeared to be of a low grade. There was no evidence of spread to the lymphnode that they removed. The report also says that it was more likely a nerve sheath tumor, which is less aggressive than they were thinking it was, so chances of recurrence are unlikely. No further treatment is recommended at this time. We still have to watch, but all in all this should be a cure.

Oh my gosh! I am so thrilled to hear this news. Thanks to everyone for your support and prayers, and thanks to the good Lord for watching out for my little pup.

Post Op Day 6

Scarlett is doing very well. The sedatives are working wonders for our sleep…yay! She is walking pretty well even though we are really limiting her time out of the cage to just potty breaks outside. She really wants to be out of the cage, so we are taking her out to cuddle for a bit. Chris also took the cage out on the porch for a while yesterday so that she could get some sunshine. So far so good. 🙂