"The shoes, right?"

I have issues with shoes. It’s tough times finding ones that fit my feet well and are comfortable. I need shoes of the “wide” variety and I need arch support. I’ve been trying to find new shoes for a while now. Nothing special, just a good pair of tennis shoes that are comfy and cute. Well, last night at the urging of my husband, I bought a pair of Nikes that were undeniably comfortable. If I had been doing a blind test, they would’ve won hands down. But well, they are not as cute as I had hoped. They are made of a silvery mesh and white leather supports on the sides. It took me a while to commit to the purchase, but I finally did it.

And after a day of wearing the shoes, I am quite happy with my decision! The silver is growing on me and it is amazing how happy a comfy shoe can make you. Woohoo!