"The shoes, right?"

I have issues with shoes. It’s tough times finding ones that fit my feet well and are comfortable. I need shoes of the “wide” variety and I need arch support. I’ve been trying to find new shoes for a while now. Nothing special, just a good pair of tennis shoes that are comfy and cute. Well, last night at the urging of my husband, I bought a pair of Nikes that were undeniably comfortable. If I had been doing a blind test, they would’ve won hands down. But well, they are not as cute as I had hoped. They are made of a silvery mesh and white leather supports on the sides. It took me a while to commit to the purchase, but I finally did it.

And after a day of wearing the shoes, I am quite happy with my decision! The silver is growing on me and it is amazing how happy a comfy shoe can make you. Woohoo!


I had to do a mad rush of shopping yesterday. I know that some people think shopping is the most fun a girl could have, but I must disagree. I hate shopping when you have to buy something specific. I never seem to be able to find it. It’s always when you don’t need anything that you find the best stuff for a good price. So yesterday I was in the dreaded situation of needing to buy. So I went through and grabbed every possible outfit in my size and took them all to the dressing room at once. I had to make a couple of return trips but it worked out that I got a few good outfits. Then I went to pay and the clerk rang up each piece, proudly announcing the price (lower than it was marked). And when she got to the end she said, “And because you spent over $100 we have a special ‘$20 off’ coupon for you”…Score! Now that was a shopping experience I enjoyed!