Crunching Numbers

For once we got the tax guy looking at our stuff before the end of the year. Even though we are taking control of the situation much earlier this year, I still have crazy anxiety when it comes to this stuff. After we got off the phone (hearing mostly good news) I still could feel my chest getting all tight and my tummy getting a bit grumbly. I am definately ready for a little R & R for the holidays. Anyone with me?


I have to say that shipping stuff overnight is a bit stressful. I have the toughest time letting go of that package and trusting that it will get to its destination on time. Not to mention if I am down there trying to hand off the package while the clock is ticking down to final drop-off. Ick.


Why must they be so complicated and why must I worry about them months before they are due? Since we started the business these questions have been asked more frequently. So much hinges on how we run our business, how we spend our money, how we handle the money we earn, etc.

I think one of the reasons it is so stressful is that the logic behind taxes evades regular people. This is why we have to entrust these questions to that all-knowing person…our accountant. Even then, I am crossing my fingers and hoping he gets every thing right.

It is nerve wracking business.