Impromptu Meal

So the hubby and I came home after a long day and debated what to make for dinner. I had some tri-tip in the fridge that I was going to grill, but it was after 8pm, so he suggested frying it up in the pan. This was the first in a series of improptu decisions that made for one the of the best unplanned meals I’ve ever had.

So I seasoned up the meat and seared in our cast iron pan, but it was smoking too much so I had to pull it out and it was still too rare to eat. I sliced it up and seared the slices until they were perfect.

We popped some potato wedges in the oven and hubby grilled up some red bell pepper and onion. Grated some cheddar cheese and toasted a sourdough baguette, all of which added up to the best sandwich ever!

The odd experience for me was this: I had no idea what these elements were going to taste like all together. As a cook, I generally have a kind of zen communion with my food. I predict flavors as I cook, which is how I can make it taste the way I want, but this was a complete surprise and a fabulous one at that.