Help Wanted

A bit of advice for those seeking employment as a waiter or waitress: Do not apply for a job at a restuarant where you have never eaten. At the very least, apply some effort to learning the menu items before your first day. If you have to ask the patrons, “Um…what is that?” while pointing to their plate, you have an uphill struggle ahead.

Waitress, Catch and Release

I have been looking forward to seeing the movie Waitress for quite a while now. It was a bit different than I was expecting but I really did enjoy it. Independents have a different kind of narrative. They seem to experiment with the storytelling a bit more. I like seeing the different perspective.

We also recently saw Catch and Release. I had a bit of trouble getting oriented during the first 1/3 of the film. But about half way through I was starting to relate to it. I had the distinct impression that this film was written and directed by a woman (which was correct).

Both were good little films, probably in the chick-flick category, but I recommend them anyhow. They do represent real females and real perspectives. I very much enjoy authentic characters.