Weekend Work

Been a busy week, weekend, month, year. Working on the weekends has its advantages: it’s quieter, fewer clients are working so email is less of a distraction, so that is nice also there is a shorter line at Bux and no lunch rush.

But then again, working from one week straight into the next is surely a test of your sanity. These are the weeks you have to just hang in there an hope that next week will be better, less stressful, less tiring.

And that’s all I have to say today because I just got home from work and I am prety beat. Nite all.

Workin’ Like Crazy

I’ve been falling behind on the blogging because we have been working some serious hours. Basically, we’ve been doing little else, but working. It really hasn’t been that hard because there was always something that needed to be done. I really like having the goal clearly set out before and know exactly what must be done.

It’s been almost a month of working 7 days a week, into the evening most nights and no days off. I’m not complaining mind you, but it does mess with your head a bit, when you can’t think of anything you’ve done in the last month, but work.

Clock Shift

I would like to explore the idea of taking on a slightly shifted daily schedule. Namely one that begins and ends later. We seem to be getting a lot of work done in the evening hours, after the regular work day has ended for most. We could roll in around 11am and dive into our email (which is a losing battle before noon), maybe starting later would allow us kill it in one session rather than restarting the session with every click of the “send”. We could get our priorities set and get in a bit of work before our late “lunch” at, say, 4pm. Around 5 we could really hit our productivity stride, having a working dinner whenever hunger struck and roll out at 10pm.

That works, right?

Well, it’s just an idea. During the busy season everything is a bit off kilter.

Looong Weekend

We worked over the weekend and again today. This is our busy season and we will probably be putting in some long hours until the end of the year. Even though putting in a lot of work time is not the most fun we could be having, it is nice to be getting so much done. I always love that feeling. A full day of hard work is very satisfying.

Funny Business

Sometimes my job is really cool. I used to think the same thing when I worked at “O”. Last night the hubby and I made a few bucks video taping a comedy show. I can think of worse ways to spend a Wednesday night. It is quite nice when business and pleasure cross paths.

Granted, I am a bit sore from standing at attention behind the camera for 3 hours, but hey…we got few laughs out of it.

What weekend?

Okay, so working for yourself is cool. I don’t have to drag myself to work, because truthfully I want to go. I want to get the stuff done that I know needs to get done. I don’t feel like I am doing busy work or faking being busy so that my boss won’t make me scrub the floors. I like all of that, it rocks. But the part that is not so fun is that work is my life on the weekends too, and at night. Being a small business owner you have to draw the lines, or you’ll just work all of the time. This is a balance I have yet to master. Slowly, Grasshopper, slowly.