Forza 3

Video games are pretty amazing these days. Even though I really don’t get into gaming much, Forza 3 for XBox 360 is really impressive. The graphics are super realistic and the game play is much improved from Forza 2. Since it is a racing simulation game, I can’t really say if the game play is more realistic, but it is more fun and a bit easier.

I’ve actually been joining in the racing fun. I am still not very good, but I’ll keep playing as long as I can stay on the road.

Watch Instantly – Update

I haven’t watched a movie yet on the xBox with Netflix, but we did get it set up. It looks to be promising once we hardwire the internet. Once I figured out that I needed the movies to already be queued in my Netflix, I logged on and added about 80 movies.

I think this is the future of home entertainment. I’d much rather pay $14/month for Netflix and get to choose what I watch, than pay $25+/month for cable and get a ton of channels I don’t want.

Digital Me

So the hubby and I created our little xBox avatars. We went for realism (inasmuch as it was possible). I have to say it was an interesting experience, trying to figure out what the 3D cartoon me should look like, but it was fun. So here’s how it came out: