Under the Weather

Well, I am climbing out from under a cold that has held me hostage for the past week. I tell you, anytime I get sick anymore, I get wiped out for at least seven days. I am sure that I am failing my immune system in some way, just not sure what it is.

For now, I am contending with the stragglers “hacking cough” & “sniffy nose” in my band of tricksters. After all of this hacking is over I am sure to have abs of steel.

I do want to come out publicly in support of Zicam nasal congestion spray. The stuff is amazing and it’s homeopathic so you can it take along with your chosen over-the-counter wonder drug. Just a little squirt up your nose (which is never pleasant) and you can breathe for 12 hours. I love this stuff, especially since my nasal congestion is something akin to cement in my sinuses. Give it a try, you’ll actually be able to sleep.